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Brewering Process

Once in the copper (now days, rarely made of copper), hops are added. Hops help to balance the sweet flavours of the malts (malted barley). They have preserving qualities for the beer and also relaxing qualities for the drinker. The wort is then cooled until its a comfortable home for yeast.


Step 1 - The Mash Tun

Step 3 - The Fermenter

Step 2 - The Copper

Step 4 - Cask, Bottle & Keg

Various types of malted barley seeds and hot water are mixed together and, just like making a cup of herbal tea, those sweet flavours seep into the water to make a flavoursome liquid called wort (pronounced wert).This is then run off into— The Copper

Further 'secondary' fermentation can carry on even after the beer leaves the brewery. The trapped CO2 helping to add a natural carbonation sparkle to the beer.All that follows is the challenging job of pouring the beer into a glass and drinking.

The yeast's agent goes over the prima donna star's living and working conditions with a fine tooth comb. Finally satisfied the fastidious yeast signs the brewer's contract and finally sets to work feasting hungrily on the natural malted barley sugars, turning them into yummy, scrummy alcohol and fizzy, frothy, prancing, dancing CO2 (Carbon Dioxide)The beer is then run off into Cask, Bottle & Keg

There are millions of different beers, made from just 4 basic ingredients. Water, Barley, Hops, and Yeast. These varied beers are also brewed using something akin to this simplified brewing process.

HUGE or tiny, it's what you do with that precious seed

This is then run off into— The Fermenter

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