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A Briefer History Of Beer

Raising a glass to the ladieeees!

For 10,000 years, beer has been; sustenance, medicine, gift to the gods, gift to family & friends, a good health toast (Wassail), celebration sup, aphrodisiac or anaphrodisiac, and the list goes on. We love beer and in turn it has cared for us and loved us back. Yet, how much of it's history do we actually know? Chemical testing of 5500 year old clay jars has revealed that ancient Persians shared a penchant for a drink very akin to one we

Nature's brewery

Accidental brewing has been happening from the day the first forbidden fruit ever grew. Yeast is everywhere, hungry to turn sugar into alcohol. Fruit often ferments inside it own skin with absolutely no help from man.

A briefer history of beer

Old jarsand stuff

Herds of elephants walk miles to find the right tree. A tree that is full of delicious fermenting Marula fruits. Soon, those otherwise quiet majestic giants are party animals. A rebel hoard, bouncing around like big grey pinballs. Eventually falling into a jumbo drunken slumber in dreams of pink elephants

As barley germinates, starch inside turns into the energy rich sugar that will power the seeds push to the surface and into the suns energy. Ancients found germinating seeds sweeter. Stewing them made a sweet energy drink, that became home to yeast, giving them beer. Later, in times when drinking water was also the sewage system, disease was an all too common means of death. Not knowing that boiling the liquid during the brew was killing germs, beer was seen as a health giving wonder drug. Women brewed family beer to protect her brood. Terms such as ‘Honeymoon’, ‘Bridal’ and ‘Wetting The Baby’s Head’, originate from the wife brewer. Honey was given to a bride to brew a bride ale (Bridal) for the reception and 1st lunar month (Honey Moon) of marriage. A newborn

That happy accident is fine for fruit based fermentation, but a beer's fruit is mainly barley and in it's inert state, has no fermentable sugars. This is where the Alpha & Beta Amylase brothers assist Given the right conditions, they help turn the starch in those locked barley seeds into sugars.

Brewers were much better looking back in the day


baby was washed, not in water, but in the more sterile beer (wetting the babys head). Even now in present times, beer in small quantities is seen to have health giving properties. Small quantities? That’s my downfall.Maybe I can count it as one of my 5-a-day.

know well today. That drink was beer. How the idea of brewing first came about, nobody really knows. I like to think it was a very, very happy accident.

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