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Why beer?

The multimedia, mass indoctrinated, mass marketed masses have suffering mercilessly. Mindless banality is a difficult drink to swallow. It is constantly force fed to us via everything, from what Hollywood heroes drink after saving the planet, to the stack of hats a football star wears on his day off. For too long, we have been so mass mind manipulated by these multi-million dollar ad campaigns, that the only repeated mass debate we had over our sups, was should we swill it from C, D, or DD cups. We are Popsi McLager's bi'atch, uncared for and unloved. So in this abusive one-sided relationship, it is finally time for we guys and girls to burn the Stepford Wife bra that we've been unceremoniously forced into. It's time to refuse to do what we are being continuously programmed to do. There's a brewtopia waiting. The human psyche though, is frightened by the unknown. So we would rather bear those ills we have, than fly to others that we know not of. As the song says though, "Hold my hand and I'll take you there."

Advertising monsters.

My aim is to give you, the viewer, other choices. To present you with a delicious secret that the corporate beer mafia do not want you to know. That secret is, you DO have a choice. You can actually own YOUR OWN thoughts. Craft beer and real ale is the drink for individuals with a mind of their own. It is not the sheep-dip of brainwashed sheep. So, be the shepherd, and NOT the sheep. It's time to see through craft beer coloured goggles. So, put down that tasteless, less taste, rice filled, ice chilled, Lipskunkin' Popsi McLager. It's time to lean out of the window and scream at the very top of your voice--I'M AS MAD AS HELL,AND I'M NOT GONNA DRINK THIS ANYMORE!!!Say it loud, Say it proud.I AM A CRAFT BEER DRINKER!!

Take pride in the craft.

the most exclusive, expensive restaurants. Yet, good craft beer is still not given the credit it so richly deserves. Beer is almost always a better pairing for food than wine or spirits, yet go into most restaurants, even the finest, and a very knowledgeable wine waiter/sommelier will usually present you with an extensive wine list. They will readily offer helpful advice and maybe hint a recommendation to marry together food and wine. Now ask to see the beer list.

Egyptian ladieson the razz

You can spend hundreds or even thousands on a good Champagne that will still not be half as enjoyable as a quality ale costing just a few coins. A good Masterbrewer is every bit as much a culinary artist as the star chefs of

You will be sneered at as if you just asked if you can ride their Grandparents around the restaurant like Shergar and Seabiscuit.Trends though, are changing.

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